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Nourish Your Skin

Cherish and give your skin a unique blend of skin-soothing oils and butters.  


I'm Bruce Anderson. I offer luxurious, whipped, non-greasy, vegan body butters and a night face cream. Daddi's House of Body Butters  is based in the east bay in Richmond, California. I take pride in making body butters with  high quality ingredients for you to enjoy. I've been living a vegan and cruelty-free life for 25 years. Making this part of my products is a priority. I was ​affectionately titled " The Vegan Bus Driver" by the press in 1995 because I refused to participate in a work campaign that promoted meat-based burgers for the transportation agency I worked for at the time which  led ultimately led to my firing. My husband and I moved to Northern California where we settled down in the east bay with all our rescue animals. 

I serve customers in California and throughout the United States.


Beauty Mission

The mission of the company is to provide products that are freshly made and contain high quality ingredients in every jar of Daddi's Whipped Body Butters. 

I know you will love the products!

How I Started

I started Daddi's House of Whipped Body Butters because I was tired of all the greasy body butters on the market. I don't like that feeling on my skin at all so I started my journey to make a non-greasy vegan body butter that is high quality. It's meant to feel  luxurious and decadent on your skin. 

The cat on the label is  a photo of Daddi who was one of our rescued cats that passed away at the time of my thinking about creating these lotions.

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