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Hear It From My Customers

I love hearing from customers about daddi's body butters. 

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The non-greasy body butters and night cream products that I offer here at DADDI’S HOUSE OF WHIPPED BODY BUTTERS aim to nourish and moisturize your skin. Here’s how satisfied my customers are with my product.


What My Customers Say

Light, fluffy, and playfully fragrant... I almost can't believe it's Daddisbodybutter! Just as tantalizing to apply as it is hours after application. The delicate scent of blueberry muffins and bubblegum bring me child-like joy. The sophistication of Chocorgasmico is pefect for a romantic evening on the town, or a restful sleep after a long soak in my clawfoot tub. Daddi's done it- created a perfectly balanced body/olfactory experience!

Priya S

 Pt. Richmond, CA

I love the butter. It is a light weight, creamy, moisturizing butter that feels incredibly silky as it glides but is not greasy. 

Lynnell M

Oakland, CA

Your lotion is wonderful. I use it everyday. The tiniest amount goes a long way, it feels so good putting it on, and it smells amazing !!!!!!!!

Stephanie Z

Berkeley, CA

I love the body butter! When I wake up the next morning my skin is still so soft. I like how it feels on my skin. I've never used butters before but now I'm a fan! It's better than lotion. Thank you!

Situa F

San Mateo, Ca

I love these body butters! Having psoriasis, it is tricky to find products that are gentle on my sensitive, inflamed and super dry skin without being greasy and filled with chemicals (not to mention smell awful). I have tried three body butters so far and they have been nourishing, moisturizing, gentle on my skin, and smell delicious. Plus they are vegan and cruelty free!!! So far my favorite is the Nagchampatease but I can't wait to try more!  

Jamie B.

Napa, Ca

I’ve been on a search in the last few months for a good body butter. One that lasted through the constant hand washing (since we're all doing this a lot more lately!). And looking for one that leaves my skin moisturized and NOT greasy. Thanks to Daddi’s House of Whipped Body Butters. Not only do Daddi’s butters leave my skin feeling moisturized and never greasy, they leave my skin smelling wonderful all day long. The variety of fragrances are enough to get anyone excited to try all. Can’t wait to add some more to my collection. Thanks!

Sierra A.

Mission Viejo, Ca

My 7 year old son, Ozzie, said that the butters "look like cream cheese" which was meant to be a compliment because the butters look so nice. My son likes the body butters a lot!  His favorite is the Bubble Gum, Sour Watermelon Candy, Blue Berry Muffin, and Monkey Farts. He likes telling everyone that he smells like "Monkey Farts!"  

Eliza M.

Suisun, Ca

What our customers are saying

Omg! Just received my sweet pea body butter and it smells so good. I love the way it glides on my skin leaving my skin feeling smooth and smelling delicious. Also, thanks for these wonderful smelling samples. The chocorgasmico and pink sugar will be my next purchase. 

Thank you 😍😍😍

I feel like I’m spoiling myself when I rub on some daddi’s body butter, and a little bit goes a long way, so it’s quite a bargain luxury. The different options are so much fun, too! The colors and the scents are actually uplifting. I usually avoid scented products, but these are kitchen aromas, not typical lotion scents. (I’m enjoying the lingering scent of butterscotch and all its childhood associations as I write this.) The whole experience feels really great. 

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